What’s Worth Keeping

So I’ve been evaluating my social networks connected to my business and creative account,

I haven’t quite gotten my routine together as far as planning posts ahead of time, but I’ve been paying attention to the networks that have gotten replies or views. I might ditch one of them, it doesn’t seem to get any action and may not be worth keeping. But that’s ok. Sometimes you gotta let go of the things that aren’t working and find out what works.

The same goes for people. Over time, as you start to grow into that person you are meant to be, you may start to notice that some of your friends, family or the members of groups that you are in may not be willing to add their faith to yours when you purposely decide to go for your dreams. Don’t let this stop or deter you. If you keep walking in faith, believing in that dream, sure, the people in your life may not support you but keep on going. If you walk long enough, you’ll run into people who will walk beside you. Work hard enough, and you may hear the sound of someone tracing your footsteps. Someone is going to step out on faith because of your willingness to run towards your vision for your life. Someone is going to come out of their shell. Someone is going to try something new. Someone’s going to move out of state, start a business, make a friend or fall in love. So if you lose some friends or supporters, let them go and keep moving forward. Your dreams are worth keeping. And the ones who will stick by you, encourage you and add value to your life know you are worth keeping.


It’s March Already?

If I hadn’t taken a pic everyday, I wouldn’t believe it. We are 68 days into 2014 already!! I got delayed on posting my next video because a bunch of stuff has started. For the next couple of weeks, both Brandon and my schedules are going to be jam-packed!

We basically have every Tuesday-Friday night booked with church sponsored activities from now until April. It’s been really tough trying to find time to relax or spend together outside of a class since we both have full-time jobs but thankfully, our days are going to be freed up once these classes end in 3 weeks. I’m looking forward to having time to cook dinner again because right now, dinner means whatever we can grab out of the kitchen or pick up on our way to church, hahah. But aside from dinner options, we’ve really enjoyed our time at church. On Tuesdays, we learn about financial management, how to get rid of all debt, and saving/investment options. Then on Fridays, we discuss the ins and outs of marriage with a small group of other couples. This class has sparked a lot of conversations that have led to private talks between Brandon and me. I can tell its having a positive impact on our communication and the way we view spending time together. The more we hear other people’s stories, the more we appreciate the love we have and want to find ways make the most of it.

The small group couples class requires us to go on date nights, providing a few suggestions. On Thursday, we spent our date night talking for two hours on the couch without television, computers or cell phones.  At first things started off kind of slowly but after about 5 minutes, the conversation started to pick up. If we came to a spot where we didn’t know what to say next, we picked up our class workbooks and read one of the questions that came with this particular date assignment. We haven’t talked like that in so long. I’d forgotten how fun it is. It’s easy to assume you know a person after a certain amount of time but the more you take time to talk to each other, the more you realize there’s so much to learn. Moral of the story, never stop getting to know each other. Brandon loves spontaneous dates so I hope to start coming up with ideas to spring on him when our schedules open up. That’s all for now!


Spreading the Word

Hey Creative Peeps,

To give you an update, I’ve been working on a new video for my youtube channel in connection to my last blog post, the Romantic Movement. In case you missed it, check out the Love Jar video for a sweet way to do nice things for the one you love.

In the meantime, I’m about to start studying marketing tactics and developing my leadership skills. While this will definitely help me excel at work, I also want to use these tools to push my photography business, youtube page and blog. What’s the use of doing all of this stuff if it doesn’t reach anybody? Art for the sake of art? Well, if that were all I wanted to do, I would write this down in a notebook and keep it on my bookshelf. Writing this blog has been a great experience. It feels good to share my ideas and experiences with you guys (all five of you who read my blog posts, lol). Now that I have added videos and photography to the mix, I’ve got a nice group of options to get creative and hopefully inspire somebody in the process. With some trial and error under my belt, I want to focus on developing and reaching out to an audience or several demographics. Maybe each social network I use to can have a specific theme so you won’t see a bunch of the same things being posted on all of my posts. Or maybe they all could follow the same theme but separate components of it. I think that’s a great way to start! Are you working on a blog, photo series, video channel, etc.? I’d love to hear about it. Maybe we could keep each other encouraged and partner up some time!


The Romance Movement

Patio Passion

Hey Creatives,

I wanted to purposely address another area in my life that could always benefit from more effort. Adding to that list of goals, I am working on being more romantic and thoughtful in my marriage. I can already hear some of you now, that’s his job to romance you. Hear me out will ya? My husband has been such a good friend to me ever since we started dating five years ago. He does his best to consider my feelings and thoughts when it comes to making big decisions. He is faithful to God and to me. When I think about that, I have to remember the times before we met. I won’t go down the list, they aren’t worth mentioning, but I will say this. My husband is truly the best man I know and having him in my life is a big deal. In a world full of ‘independent women’ I’m not ashamed to say that I love my husband and that we are co-dependent on God and each other. That being said, I want to make sure he knows that I appreciate him.

The other day, I started on my ‘romantic quest’ by going to the flower shop and buying him a single stem rose. After that, I took a shower and put on something pretty before picking him up from work. Instead of waiting outside, I parked and stood at the receptionist desk, hiding the rose behind my back. Once he showed up I gave him a big hug and handed him the rose saying that I was really happy to see him (and I was!). Then I took him to a restaurant that neither of us had been to before called BJs. We sat in a booth on the furthest wall away from the door so we could have a view. The food was great and we talked about our future plans and the perks that we hope to get once we have gotten our finances in order. Once we were done eating, we rented a few Redbox movies (he loves movies) and went home to watch them together until we fell asleep. It felt so good to do something nice and unexpected for him. This date inspired me to start purposely working towards keeping the romance in our relationship.

Let’s start a movement.

Let’s vow to put a greater effort into making sure our spouses feel appreciated and special. It doesn’t have to be centered around gifts and dates. Maybe all you need to do is start taking over a few of those errands that your spouse usually handles or cooking a meal for the two of you. But here are a few guidelines that can always help when taking part in this challenge. 1. Whatever you do for them, do it without expecting anything in return. This movement is about being romantic or thoughtful towards your partner to make them feel special. 2. Tell them how you feel often. For my husband, I do this by saying ‘I love you’, texting or emailing him pictures and praying with him before we go to work. 3. Do something, anything together. Showing interest in something your partner likes to do counts for more than doing something that you like to do. Brandon has made it a goal of his to go to the gym several times a week. Now when I see him getting ready to leave, I throw on some sweats and go with him. We have our own work out regimens but we spend about 15 minutes of it stretching together. 4. Share it with others. Doing these romantic gestures for your spouse is going to open a door to feelings of fulfillment, gratefulness and joy. Other people need to see that side of love. Talk, tweet, and post about it. Your love could inspire others.


Domestically Blissful

What’s up Creatives,

I really enjoy reading (or listening to) blogs by women. Some of them are based around fashion and DIY projects, but others are about lifestyle and art forms. The more I look around the more I realize how much great inspiration is out there. Currently, I’m getting attached to a young newlywed named Giustina and her blog, Domestically Blissful. She is a stay at home wife and married to a dental student. What I love about her blog is her love for her husband and cooking. I secretly hope to become an awesome cook whose food is healthy and pretty to look at, lol. She has got this skill down pact! I also like that she has dived into her passions and really created some great projects in her time at home.

A lot of women may be reading this like, awe heck naw, stay at home wife (she isn’t a mother yet) life would drive me insane. But she has figured out a way to stay highly inspired and share her ideas with others. That’s one of my goals for Artistic Flare, to inspire others to take creative action. I think that’s something we all should strive for, even if only 3 people read your posts, it’s worth the effort. You may even surprise and inspire yourself. Don’t worry about what others think, just take a step. My steps so far are to take one photo of myself everyday this year, and one of my husband and I once a week. I also want to work out more to build my energy level, I’m going to need it if I want to jump start my photography business and become a full time creative free agent. Though I can’t get moving today, trying to fight off this fever I have, I’m limited to the couch and viewing the world from my laptop.


Six Days into the 365

Hey Creative peeps,

We are six days into the year as well as six days into my 365 photo project. Everyday, I’m taking a self portrait to track what I am doing this year. I can’t promise that they all will be awesome and interesting but the point is to create a habit and follow-through. That being said, I do hope that I can create some cool images this year. When I get more time, I can really plan some fun shots. If you have any ideas for some, feel free to share them with me! Click here to see the first six images of my 365!


Resolution: Fashion and Blogging/Vlogging

Hey creative peeps!

As promised I am continuing with my explanations of my resolutions for the year. Aside from hair care, I also want to improve my fashion sense and record vlogs/blogs for youtube and wordpress. First lets tackle the fashion. Ok, so I have had an interesting sense of fashion for a long time, some years were a bit on the odd side, while others were just downright bad ideas. Hahahah. In the new year, I have so many plans and those plans demand that my physical presentation be 100% to make good impressions. I’m going to spend the next 12 months picking up colorful, classy clothes that compliment my shape and make me look closer to 25 years old, opposed to looking 16 years old. This also means wearing make-up more often and staying in shape. I’ve got a gym membership, so it’s time to use it! I’ve changed my availability at work so I can always put in an hour at the gym each day. I’m not sure what my workout will be, but I just want to start small by getting in there!

As far as blogging and vlogging, this will take more discipline and dedication. When I first started this blog, I almost wrote every day but as life happened to me, I wrote less and less. But now, in order to stimulate my mind with as many creative outlets as possible, I’m picking up my laptop, and camera, and putting it out there. There have been several instances where people have told me they enjoyed reading my blog or even tried something that I suggested for themselves. I recently launched Artistic Flare, a channel on youtube with one goal: to inspire others to take creative action. Most of my videos there will focus on life updates, photography, and natural hair. With these topics, I’m sure to have plenty to talk about as I work on growing out my hair, becoming a full time artist and just walking out this Christian life one day at a time with my husband by my side.

More resolutions to come!